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The above photo: Abe Partridge at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL.
Photo by Stephen “Andy” Anderson / Page Design by J. Cole)

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Spotlight Music of the Month

 “Live at Callaghan’s!” by Phil & Foster

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Last Month’s Spotlight Music
 “The Great Room” – Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet
“Somebody Else’s Dream” – Paw Paw’s Medicine Cabinet


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aug fan of the month
There are music fans, and then there are “MUSIC FANS”. This month, The Southland Music Line recognizes Robin Varner of Houston, Texas. She is an easy choice to acknowledge because of her incredible love for music, and in particular, the music of Bruce Springsteen. She has traveled overseas and across the U.S. to see “The Boss”. We first came in contact with Robin prior to our own jouney to Australia and New Zealand to follow Springsteen’s tour. It’s an honor to share a love for great music with Robin and we thank Birmingham Steve for introducing us.

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