july coverAbove photo taken of Seth Walker at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL ( Photo by Stephen Anderson; Design by J. Cole)
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Spotlight Music of the Month

“Fall Together” by Ryan Balthrop

The album “Fall Together” from southern Alabama’s own Ryan Balthrop proves itself at first listen. With the abundant number of albums released each month, it’s easy for some worthy contenders to get lost in the mix. Balthrop’s latest is an album that deserves attention.

Recorded at Studio H2O in Mobile, AL and produced/mixed by legendary musician/producer RIck Hirsch (of Wet WIllie fame), “Fall Together” tackles moving and timely subjects while backed by some of the region’s best musicians and artists including Greg DeLuca and Ben Leininger of The Mulligan Brothers, Jon Cook, Harrison McInnis, Marc Hendrix, Thomas Jenkins, Nathan Friedlander and yes, Rick Hirsch along with additional vocals by Eric Erdman, Tiana Bryant, John Keuler and others.

One standout track “Don’t Be Shoppin” has a Dylanesque “Time Out of Mind” era sound to it. Bathrop’s gift as a songwriter in songs like the the title track “Fall Together” and “The System” invites us to see the world in a thought provoking way. Each song has its own identity yet pleasingly blends perfectly within the list. One of the things that makes it easy to love about Balthrop’s latest is its ability to pull the listener back in over and over, which is a sure sign of a good album. Like the music of another music artist from southern Alabama, The Mulligan Brothers, Balthrop’s album can’t be listened to only a few times – it has been in constant rotation since my very first listen. Ryan Balthrop’s “Fall Together” has truly made me a fan.

Tracks: 1) Way Down Low 2) Sweet Moments (We’re Passing Through) 3) Two Less Fishes 4) Rylan’s Song (I Blame My Happiness on You) 5) Fall Together 6) Suggestion Box 7) Skeeter 8) Don’t Be Shoppin’ 9)The System 10) Great Uncle Sam 11) Deep in This World

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– J.G.C. / The Southland Music Line

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Last Month’s Spotlight Music

june musicFour albums have been chosen as Spotlight Music of the Month.

☆ “Miss Alabama” by Cary Laine
It’s been an eventful journey from TV’s “The Voice”, time spent in a tiny Wyoming town, and a return south for this talented Alabama songstress. The results of her album, recorded at Admiral Bean Studios and produced by Anthony Crawford, turn out what her fans have been waiting for.
An album highlight: “Hurricane”.
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☆”Fort Worth to Bakersfield” by Steve Griggs
How can any true country music fan go wrong with songs with titles such as “Daddy Liked Lefty, Haggard & Jones” and “Drinkin’ Texas Off My Mind”? This debut album from a songwriter with experiences in life that give him true credentials delivers one of the most authentic country music albums I’ve enjoyed so far in 2016.
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☆ “Enjoy The Ride: Shoals Sessions” by Debbie Bond
Keeping the Blues alive as both an established musician and blues activist for which she founded the Alabama Blues Project, Debbie Bond has released another true testament of her love for the music so dear to her heart. “Enjoy The Ride: Shoals Sessions” hits on all cylinders. This is what makes Bond such a considerable asset to the blues music scene. Musicians such as Debbie, Lisa Mills, and Libby Rae Watson prove women’s rightful place in American Roots and Blues music in the year 2016.
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☆ “White Trash Lipstick” by Abe Partridge
Recently while visiting with Abe Partridge for the TV show “Music Scene”, we learned the fascinating number of events it took to get his debut solo album released. “White Trash Lipstick” relies brilliantly on the strength of Partridge’s gift for telling a story through song with such passion. It features Dave Roe who spent 14 years as Johnny Cash’s bass player and was recorded in Nashville. Some highlights: “Escambia County” and the title track, “White Trash Lipstick”.
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july fan of the month

A music scene is defined by a distinct sound, several incredible musicians, a collective base of venues and a devoted cast of of fans. The Gulf Coast has those things and one such contributor to the scene is William “Norville” Harrison. He is the type of fan that consistently supports the musicians and venues by his attendance and his gift of spreading the word about the music.

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