sept 2016Above photo taken of Travis Meadows at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL (Photo by Stephen Anderson; Design by J. Cole)
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Spotlight Music of the Month

“The Other End of Passing Time” by Oh, Jeremiah

oh jere

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Last Month’s Spotlight Music

“Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” by Margo Price


Margo Price delivers one of the best reasons to cheer in 2016 when it comes to providing such a winning album. “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter”, Price’s solo debut, is exactly what the good doctor ordered for those craving an alternative to the more often than not cookie cut pressed records that’s been coming out of Nashville in recent years. Thank God, she is one of a select group of artists willing to challenge the establishment. Her album was brilliantly recorded at Jack White’s studios at Third Man. Margo Price is right for our time and her authentic style of country is exactly what is needed.

What other’s are saying about Margo Price:

Rolling Stone Country calls her “a fixture of the East Nashville music community.” She appeared on that publication’s list of Country Artists You Need to Know in 2014

Fellow Nashville musician (and a favorite of ours) Aaron Lee Tasjan calls her “a singular and vital part of this scene, as a thing unto herself.

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sept 2016 linda

Two years ago, we at The Southland Music Line began recognizing devoted music enthusiasts as Music Fans of the Month. Our second recipient of this title went to Glenda Stabler Campbell and last month we named her sister, Brenda Stabler Morley as our choice for fan of the month. This month we are highlighting their good friend and fellow member of “The Duhs”, Linda Simmons Shelby. The Duhs (GlenDA, BrenDA and LinDA) are three of the most loyal supporters of the local music scene along the Gulf Coast. They have also been known to travel great lengths to support some of the region’s most treasured music artists like Grayson Capps. It’s an easy choice this month to choose Linda for her true love of great music.

13015431_991413960895128_3046254473167178459_nThe “Duhs” (from Left); Brenda Stabler, Glenda Stabler Campbell and Linda Simmons Shelby

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