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Spotlight Music of the Month

Sanctuary” by Blue Mother Tupelo

A few years ago, Mark Garrison, the owner of Jack’s by the Tracks in Pascagoula, MS, enthusiastically encouraged me to attend an upcoming Blue Mother Tupelo show. Mark didn’t steer me wrong because the show would become the first of many. The husband-wife duo has been performing for years and have created a loyal fanbase with their music even appearing successfully in film. Recently, Blue Mother Tupelo’s Rick and Micol Davis released an intimate live recording entitled “Santuary”. The new 11-track album was recorded at the Outlaw Gospel Music Sanctuary at Hippie Jack’s Farm in Crawford, Tennessee. Originally performed in front of an audience of forty or so friends and fans, is now available as a download only album. Also, be sure to catch Blue Mother Tupelo on the road – a true favorite to many folks who love good music. Click To Purchase

“Ebb & Flow” by Laurie Anne Armour (2017)

In 2017, Laurie Anne “L.A.” Armour, a singer-songwriter from southern Alabama released her first EP “Ebb & Flow”. Armour’s contemporary style of folk continues to garner high praise from a growing list of fans and fellow musicians alike. Some recent performances at The Listening Room of Mobile has us now waiting for what’s next from this talented young artist. This excellent debut is a sample of what’s to come. You can regularly see Laurie Anne performing throughout the Mobile, AL area. We highly recommend you checking her music out. Click To Purchase

“Becoming” by Joshua Stephen Ward (2018)

One of the nice things about attending hundreds of shows across the country and around the world is learning of new talent (or at least, someone new to us). In early 2018, we met a young man, Joshua Stephen Ward while attending someone else’s show. After striking up a conversation, Josh mentioned he had a new CD coming out, which we commonly hear though rarely hear anything afterwards . Fast forward two or three months, the CD “Becoming” arrived in the mail and was soon given the first of now many listens. From the very first track “Be Me” (a true standout), Josh proved our chance meeting was a rewarding one. Click To Purchase

“Equilibrium of Contradiction” by Madison Grace (2017)

The best part of my job is learning of promising talent. Occasionally, these aspiring artists tap into the likes of many others. Often their hard work and determination help pave a way into successful career. Madison Grace, who released “Equilibrium of Contradiction” in 2017, is one such artist with incredible potential at reaching a growing audience. Since first hearing Madison, I have mentioned her to countless others including several within the music industry. I am really excited to see where Madison takes her career. Click To Purchase

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A Recent Month’s Spotlight Music
“Cotton Fields and Blood for Days” by Abe Partridge

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The Southland Music Line is pleased to recognize Michael Erlacher as the August 2018 Music Fan of the Month. Michael makes it a priority to attend and support some of the best live music across the Gulf Coast. We find it a joy attending live music with him and look forward to continuing to do so in the months and years to come.

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