The above photo: Alabama & Georgia Music Hall 0f Fame musician “Rick Hirsch” at Callaghan’s in Mobile, AL
Photo by Stephen “Andy” Anderson / Page Design by J. Cole)

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Spotlight Music of the Month

 “Silver Stage” by Lilly Winwood

011This month The Southland Music would like to spotlight the debut EP “Silver Stage” from Lilly Winwood. Over the course of the last two years, we have been closely following her career including several of her shows at 30A Songwriters Festival in northwest Florida and Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, AL where she opened for both Jim Lauderdale and Will Kimbrough.

In late 2016, we sat down with Lilly for an exclusive interview at The Listening Room in Mobile, AL where we discussed her inspirations, music and goals: “There are so many people that inspire me everyday. My music definitely simmers between soul and Americana with tombres of my own voice and guitar. What I’ve been described as a lot of the time and what I describe myself as is a singer-songwriter. The road is home to me. I want to be playing my music for people and seeing them enjoy it, whether it be in a large stadium or a room with ten people. This is what brings me the most joy.”
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Earlier in 2017, she was kind enough to invite The Line’s Johnny Cole to her show with her father, Steve Winwood, at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC. Her new 5-song EP provides an excellent introduction to this young artist’s future. Lilly’s true determination to achieve her goals shines brightly as we anxiously await what is sure to be an outstanding result.

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Last Month’s Spotlight Music
 “Live at Callaghan’s!” – Phil & Foster

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The Southland Music Line would like to recognize Scott and Neal Sansom as the October 2017 Music Fans of the Month. Their deep appreciation of music, singers and songwriters is evidenced by their willingness to travel from their Florida home to live music venues throughout the Gulf Coast. It’s always a pleasure to attend shows with these longtime music enthusiasts at such great locations as Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile, Murky Waters of Ocean Springs and Pascagoula’s Jack’s by the Tracks. The Line looks forward to hearing more amazing music with the Sansoms in the future.

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