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Where to keep up with some of The Line’s Favorite Musicians. This includes links to websites, social media outlets and where to purchase their music.  We will also provide the links to the articles and coverage done here at The Line.


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Southern Venue Directory
The Southland Music Line visits hundreds of music venues throughout the U.S. and Canada. Even though we have several favorites elsewhere, our main interest here is our favorite music venues of The South.

Instead of listing all venues, we want to inform our visitors of those ‘one of a kind” places with that added “something special”.  Each venue listed are personally visited by those associated with The Southland Music Line. These are also places that have been accommodating to photographers (e.g. Stephen Anderson), artists (e.g. Robby Amonett) and are willing to discuss a few things with The Line.

What we provide: Name, Direction, Contact Information and a list of things we like about each venue.

The Venue Directory is ongoing (one venue at a time). If you own/operate a venue OR a fan of a certain live music establishment and interested in being mentioned at The Southland Music Line, please contact us at:


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Our Lists & Other Things
Those associated with Southland Music Line have a long history of documenting music listings and things we find of personal interest. Provided here is several such things.


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