Rosco Bandana – Finding Themselves

The above photos were taken by Brice Creel (contributor to The Southland Music Line); design by J. Cole The modern day history of The Southland Music Line has closely coincided with the band, Rosco Bandana. Anyone who has read our articles know the connection we’ve had with these musicians for… Continue Reading

Same Night, Same Stage: Rosco Bandana & Kaboom Take on The Big Easy

New Orleans is known for its food, as well as its music. One of its most famous dishes, “gumbo”,  is known for its flavor, seasonings, combination of ingredients, varied culinary practices from several cultures and its incredible taste. Similarly, you can liken the music of New Orleans. Arguably, the greatest… Continue Reading

Sweet Sounds By The Harbor: The Coffeehouse Sessions featuring Em & Me

  There are times when the setting provides music with that ‘something special’.  Such an occasion occurred on the cloudy, misty evening of Thursday, April 13th, at the ‘Coffeehouse Sessions’ in The Pass Christian Book Store & Cat Island Coffeehouse. This delightfully warm establishment chocked with Southern charm and hospitality is located on historic Scenic… Continue Reading

Backstage with Rosco Bandana at The House of Blues

To begin with, The Southland Music Line wants to thank Rosco Bandana for inviting us backstage to a really cool ‘green room’ at The New Orleans’ House of Blues.  Secondly, we want to thank The House of Blues for giving “The Line’s” photographer Stephen “Andy” Anderson signed permission to take… Continue Reading